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New report analyzes barriers to tribal women's land rights in Jharkhand state

A woman stands, facing the camera, in front of gently rolling green hills with some houses in the background.

JHARKHAND, INDIA — Women born into a Scheduled Tribe in India’s Jharkhand state are likely to face discrimination and extreme violence when attempting to access land. Similar circumstances affect tribal women across all of India, part of a worldwide pattern inhibiting women from owning land.

Landesa researchers conducted an assessment of tribal women’s land rights in Jharkhand to better understand the factors contributing to this grim state of affairs, the ways in which a lack of land rights affects women’s aspirations, and emerging opportunities to strengthen land rights of tribal women. The report analyzes the legal context and draws on interviews with women living in tribal communities, as well as other stakeholders, and uncovers a cruel system of oppression and violence.

Here are two resources that will help you break down the research findings:


Learning with Leaders: Spotlight on China

Hear from world-renowned sustainable investor Annie Chen and Landesa's leading expert on China Li Ping

Join CEO Chris Jochnick for a virtual conversation across continents featuring our guest, Annie Chen of the RS Group, and Li Ping, Landesa’s China Program Director, as they discuss the evolution of land rights work in China and what comes next. For more than a decade, Ms. Chen's support of Landesa and long-term approach to making a difference in the world has seen real results. Learn about the meaningful impact for women and families in rural China, what milestones are next, and the strategies needed as we face the reality of a warming planet.    

Location: Virtual — log in from wherever you are.

Date & Time:
Hong Kong, Singapore —  October 7th at 9am UTC+8 hours
New York, Washington, D.C.  — October 6th at 9pm EDT
Seattle, San Francisco  — October 6th at 6pm PDT

Registration: Please email  


Shipra Deo: The advocate advancing gender equality through land rights

A photo of Shipra Deo speaking into a microphone next to the quote 'A piece of land has the power to break the cycle of opression and lift women up.'

Highlighted as a Champion of Change, Shipra Deo was recognized for her work on gender equality and inclusive land governance in order to expand opportunities for women and girls in rural India.

Leading Landesa’s work on women's land rights in India, Shipra is passionate about the gender dimension of social development and specializes in designing and implementing gender responsive strategies and programs, including those related to land. Her work in the past two decades has focused on expanding opportunities for rural women and girls, enabling them to have more control over their lives.

Read Shipra's full interview about her work, what drives her, and her advice to those seeking to make a difference for a more peaceful, just, and inclusive world.

Champions of Change is an initiative by Pathfinders and NYU’s Center on International Cooperation to highlight advocates who have made an impact in their communities and helped to create peaceful, just, and inclusive societies (SDG16+).


Landesa in the news

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The Logical Indian cited a Landesa infographic in a report on the gaps in women’s land rights in India.

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System of oppression and gender discrimination among India’s scheduled tribes revealed
Scottish Legal News published a report on new Landesa research into gender discrimination among India’s Scheduled Tribes in Jharkhand state.


We're Hiring!

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We're looking to hire some new teammates to help us achieve our mission to secure land rights for people experiencing poverty around the world through improved policies, laws, and programs. Across our offices in five different countries, we foster an environment that values impact, collaboration, respect, dedication, and learning.

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